Fleet Forum

Building Fleet Capacity Since 2003

Fleet Forum is a non-profit membership association inspiring better, cleaner, safer and more effective transport around the world.

We believe that organisations must invest in professional fleet managers to drive improvements of their transport practices. That is why TRAINING in combination with IMPLEMENTATION is a key part of the activities we deliver.

Over the years, Fleet Forum has developed practical, management-focused training programmes that increase the knowledge and skills of professionals to make fleet operations more effective and cost efficient, to increase staff safety, and to reduce the environmental impact of fleet operations.

Funded through the support of USAID

Under a sector capacity building with USAID, Fleet Forum is able to provide fleet management trainings at a fraction of the cost to fleet managers around the world.

Training Dates 2023 / 2024

I'm Already a Fleet Manager.

Do I Need Training?

YES! There was once a time when the key skill of a fleet manager was to understand vehicles –options for purchase, likely mechanical issues, maintenance routines, and more. Those skills are still important, but the role of a fleet manager today involves more than maintaining vehicles.

The Fleet Manager of 2024, he or she is a:

  • Data analyst: using all kinds of data related to costs, crashes, service delivery and environment, analyses and optimising the performance
  • Risk manager: assessing all the risks, be that financial, reputational, safety and developing mitigation strategies
  • Coach: guiding their fleet teams, by asking open questions, helping them come up with their own solutions and unlocking their potential
  • Project manager: continuously implementing innovations using change management principles
  • Business partner: working together to make the organisation successful

Highly Focused on Implementation

During the training you will develop an action plan, focusing on the strategic priorities of your organisation.

Over a period of 6 months after the training, Fleet Forum experts will guide with:

  • Developing transport plan for a specific project
  • Conducting a rightsizing exercise to determine the optimal size of the fleet
  • Introducing vehicle pooling system for staff 
  • Implementing driver performance reviews, using data collected through tracking systems
  • Building the business case for hybrid vehicle