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This training is a follow-up to the Fleet Management Fundamentals Training so that humanitarian fleet managers may continue building their knowledge and skills in the areas of fleet management, fleet safety and the environmental impact of fleets and ultimately professionalize fleet management in their respective organszations.

Building on the foundation laid out in the Fundamentals training, the Fleet Management Pro course is focused on fleet management emergency preparedness and KPI analysis.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  1. Apply Fleet Management thinking to the organisational strategy
  2. Manage individuals or teams through line or functional management
  3. Build, deploy, and sustain KPIs to improve organisational strategic or operational performance
  4. Guide organisations in the preparation, response and down-sizing of an emergency from a fleet management perspective
  5. Drive fleet management improvements within the organisation
  6. Build and maintain strong working relationships

Successful participants will receive a Certificate of Participation right after the training.

Please note spaces are limited. Registration does not guarantee a spot. We will review the registrations received and contact you via email.

Complete The Fleet Management Fundamentals Training First

Training Usaid Fleet Management

Partially Funded by USAID

Under a sector capacity building with USAID, Fleet Forum is able to provide fleet management trainings at a fraction of the cost to fleet managers around the world.

The fees to participate in the training are USD 300. Fleet Forum is a not-for-profit membership association. We are able to offer such capacity building activities through donor funding and charging participants a portion of the costs. Scroll down to find special discounts we are offering.

Payment is due before the start of the training. If a participant has not responded after receiving a payment reminder, Fleet Forum reserves the right to cancel the registration.

Certified Training

This training is independently certified by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) as a Continuing Professional Development course (CPD). CILT is membership organisation for professionals leading supply chain operations for the movement of goods and people. 


Fleet Forum is strongly committed to raising the profile of fleet management in the Global South and we understand that recognition of fleet management as a profession is critical. Through certified trainings, we want to encourage fleet managers and their organisations to build their capacity, invest in their professional development and to employ qualified fleet managers.

Training Usaid Fleet Management


How will this benefit my organisation?

Firstly, you will be equipped to prepare your organisation to respond to an emergency. Secondly, over the course of 9 months, you will have the opportunity to complete a 'Business Case' track after the training to make structural improvements to your organisation's fleet operations.

You will have the possibility to select a maximum of 2 area(s) you wish to work on after the training, for exam- ple:

  • The fleet of our organisation needs to reduce 10% costs;
  • The user satisfaction needs to increase with 20%;
  • The road safety risks that we face by operating our
  • fleet needs to be mitigated to anacceptable level;
  • Our environmental footprint needs to reduce by 15%.
  • Fleet Forum will guide you with the implementation of your businesscase and facilitate monthly sessions to con- nect you with fellow fleet managers who are also wor- king on the business case.

Engage with peers around the World through video discussions

We work with a group of participants per training. Registration does not guarantee a spot. We will review the registrations received and contact you via email.

  • We combine e-learning with live video discussions and assignments;
  • The expected workload is about 2,5 hours per day during a 10-day period;
  • 1 hour video discussions once a day during the trai- ning;
  • Our trainer will guide you in the implementation of an action plan to save money, reduce crashes, improve effectiveness and limit vehicle emissions;
  • You will need a computer or laptop, headphones and low bandwidth internet.

What will I get if I purchase this training?

When you purchase this training, you get access to:

  • Downloadable training materials;
  • 1-year access to the Training Portal;
  • Digital resources on the Knowledge Platform to help you implement;
  • Microlearning modules on your mobile to keep your implementation track;
  • Monthly sessions with your fellow training participants to learn from each other experiences;
  • Personalised guidance and coaching for up to 9 months after from a Fleet Forum trainer.

Upon completing the training, your electronic Certificate of Participation will be added to your Personal page - from there, you can print your Certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.

If you successfully complete the implementation of your plan after the training, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

What do our participants think?

coaching, teaching, learning

“I liked learning about the roles on who is a Coach, Consultant and Mentoring. The Setting Fleet Management Priorities game also helped me understand how short-term priorities are related to my long-term ambitions”

ADISA WAIDI RAIMI, Fleet Manager, MSI Nigeria.


“I looked forward to this training and I was not disappointed, the contents were all key, strategic and very applicable. All sessions were very interesting, interactive and lively. I am also happy to meet other colleagues in the field of fleet management” 

Ebuka Arinze Momah, WHO Fleet Manager, Maiduguri.


focus on kris

“This training has helped me focus more on the different KPIs and also work on analysing the data I get and use the data to make decisions”

Logistics Manager, Yemen.


Special Discounts available

Special Discounts Available

Fleet Forum is a non-profit membership association inspiring better, cleaner, safer and more effective transport around the world. 

We believe that organisations must invest in professional fleet managers to drive improvements of their transport practices. That is why TRAINING is a key part of the activities we deliver. 

Fleet Forum member organisations will receive a 10% discount on their invoice. Is your organisation a Fleet Forum member? Click here for the list of member organisations.

Fleet Forum recognises that local organisations have more limited budgets, which makes it challenging for staff to access training opportunities. The Fleet Management Fundamentals is offered at a reduced rate to local organisations. 

Click here for more information.

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