About this specialisation

This specialisation provides fleet managers with a broad-based awareness and understanding of civilian armoured vehicles. It is composed of 12 training modules.

By enrolling in this specialisation, the participant has the advantage of completing all 12 modules with the bonus of cost savings than taking the individual modules.

Learning objectives

By the end of the specialisation, you will be able to:

  • Understand the unique physical components of an armoured vehicle, how it is built and importantly, how it is fundamentally different to a regular non-armoured vehicle
  • Know the basics of the science behind ballistic and blast attacks and therefore how the vehicle is designed and built to protect against these types of attacks
  • Understand how the additional weight of an armoured vehicle dramatically changes the vehicle's mobility characteristics and dynamics
  • Conduct practical safety and maintenance inspections on your vehicles
  • Recognise the importance of scheduled maintenance and servicing of your armoured vehicle
  • Know the key aspects of a structured through life support system so as to improve fleet outcomes, reduce costs and delays and increase operational vehicle availability.
  • Recognise the components & systems utilised in a mature supply chain management process 
  • Be aware of the principles of selection and authorisation of mechanical workshops that will maintain your armoured vehicle fleet
  • Know how to managewarranty claims for your civilian armoured vehicles
  • Understand the importance of reporting accidents in your organisation
  • Know how you can learn important safety lessons from any vehicle accident

Target audience

This training is designed for fleet managers who have never managed an armoured vehicle, as well as those who have.

If you currently, or plan in the future, to have a civilian armoured vehicle in your fleet, this will give you a broad-based awareness and understanding of the unique characteristics of an armoured vehicle and the key issues of how to operate the armoured vehicle in the safest and efficient way.

For managers who already have armoured vehicles in their fleet, this training will be a good refresher of what you have might have already learned. 

Armoured Consulting has developed a broad based awareness training programme that covers the major topics that managers would need to know about civilian armoured vehicles and the key issues that affect the safe and secure operation of these specialised.

Receive your certificate

This is an awareness training course.

You are required to:
  • progress through all the lectures in order;
  • view a minimum of 90% of the video content;
  • complete all the questions in the graded assessment at the end of each lesson (where applicable).

Please note you are also required to obtain a minimum 60% pass rate to achieve the basic Knowledge Level 1.

When you have completed the assessment quizzes for this course, you will be awarded a certificate noting your level of awareness.

Offered by Armoured Consulting

Armoured Consulting was established to ensure that operators of armoured civilian vehicles could access independent, unbiased and highly skilled technical advice that would enhance the overall safety and efficient operation of their varied fleet of vehicles.

As independent experts and consultants, Armoured Consulting provides services to government agencies and diplomatic missions in the USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and Australia.

These services include armoured vehicle inspections and reporting, supervised repairs and maintenance, through life support, vehicle systems engineering design and capability reviews, procurement, training and disposal.

For more information, visit: https://www.armouredconsulting.com

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